Running traffic lights


The driver of this car almost hit my wife, me and another lady as we were crossing the street yesterday evening. That’s the junction of Tory and Courtenay, one of the busiest pedestrian areas in Wellington. If the driver wasn’t watching for people crossing, what was he looking at?

My wife shouted to be careful. The driver pointed to the pedestrian light and said, “It was red!” No word of apology for operating his heavy machinery without due care and attention.

So I’m posting the unapologetic idiot’s registration plate here.

One: INFRASTRUCTURE: Why the @#$% do traffic lights in the city go green for people and cars at the same time (of a half-second apart)?

Two: DRIVERS: Why do motorists drive according to the traffic lights (and hover around the speed limit on signs) not conditions on the street?

Three: DRIVERS AGAIN: Why do drivers never apologise for causing danger?


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