Letter to local paper

Not normally the letter-writing type, I’ve just written my first ever letter to the popular local newspaper. And it’s a positive and from-the-heart one! (With just a sprinkling of bike advocacy.)

Great town for cycling

For the past six
months I’ve been travelling
the pleasant 3 miles / 15
minutes to work by bicycle.
This is a thank you letter.

Firstly thank you to
the town planners and
police, who are continuing
to make the town safe and
pleasant for people on
bikes. There is of course
room for improvement, but
[town name] has an
admirable network of cycle
paths and bike shortcuts.
More extensive than many
other British towns of its

Moreover there is a
good amount of sturdy
cycle parking in the town
centre. And at the train
station. The county
council also produces an
excellent free cycle map of
the town.

Secondly thank you
to the courteous drivers. I
read somewhere that
[town name] has the safest
roads in this county. My
experience certainly
reflects this. I’m happy to
report that when I ride on
the roads around town,
almost all motorists show
me a great deal of respect
and consideration, and
give me plenty of room
when overtaking.

For any of your
readers who have yet to
get their bikes out, with the
pleasant weather we’re
having and June 14-22
being our national Bike to
Work week, there’s no
better time to try it. I’m
noticing a growing number
of adults and children
cycling to work and school
these days. So you’re in
good company.

Finally, as all the best
articles in this paper
conclude: you can find
cycle maps and other
cycling information at the
Tourist Information Centre.

I do hope they publish it.

12/JUN/08 UPDATE: They did. 😉 (With minor edits.)

If this gets even just one person to rethink their trip to work, or dust off their sexy old bicycle and give it a run around in the sunshine, or influences someone to mention cycling in a good light during their coffee break, it has achieved its purpose. Who says marketing need be expensive?

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