“Hey, this isn’t so bad after all!”

A one-off piece by New Zealand-based getmorepeoplecycling.com points out the importance of not just promoting cycling, but ensuring new cyclists have a good experience.

The ultimate aim of cycling promotion is to change people’s behaviour so that they choose to cycle more in future. …

The best way to change people’s attitudes and beliefs towards biking is to simply get them on a bike. I think this is the fastest way to breakdown people’s past negative beliefs about cycling, and create new positive beliefs and attitudes towards it.

Once people experience what cycling is actually like (as opposed to what they ‘perceive’ or imagine cycling is like) they find themselves saying, “Hey, this isn’t so bad after all. It’s actually quite easy to ride a bike, and it’s fun! I could do this more often in future”.

If your aim is to encourage more people to cycle then a great first step is to get as many people as you can who don’t usually bike to hop on a bike and give it a go for 10 minutes. For most people it is not a big ask to get on a bike and have some fun.

Photo: part of 2020 Photography‘s beautiful work for Sustrans.


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