Safe up. Slow down.

Slow, upright, heavy… and far safer than a lycra missile.

In Australia, “57% of riders were travelling at 20 kilometres per hour or greater at the time of the crash. … MACCS has demonstrated a relationship between increased bicycle speed and the risk of head injury.” [Monash University]

Even in the safest bicycle country on earth, ‘sports cyclists’ (on mountain bikes or racing bikes) are at significantly higher risk of injury than ‘utility cyclists’ (on normal sit-up bikes). [Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation]

In London’s bike share, in the first 4.5 million trips no-one has been seriously hurt or injured, compared with about 12 people seriously injured for every 4.5 million trips on personal bikes. Comparing non-serious injuries on bike share bikes and personal bikes shows a 1 to 3.5 ratio. [Transport for London]

Same story on Washington D.C.’s bike share. [Boston Globe]


Takeaway for current bike riders: Sit up, slow down, safe up?

Takeaway for policy-makers: Ditch the helmet law for non-sports cyclists?


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