Rule 64

The UK’s original 1931 Highway Code stated, “You must not ride a cycle on the pavement” (Americans: read ‘sidewalk’). It was Rule 64.

Luv 2 Cycle deftly points out what has changed since 1931:

In 1931 everyone walked.  Our pavements were crowded…

Back in 1931 rule 64 was protecting the majority of vulnerable people.

In 1931 very few cars were sharing the roads with cyclists.  Cars did not travel at the speeds that they do now…

No one wanted or needed to cycle on a pavement.  Why would they?  The roads in 1931 weren’t killing and injuring hundreds of cyclists a year.

I’ve ridden in Japan. On the pavement. Like everyone does. Giving priority to pedestrians, of course. Like everyone does.

Slow, safe, sidewalk cycling – Japan style

Proper, safe, Dutch-style cycle paths would be more ideal, but until they’re the norm, is rule 64 out of date?


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