Shelving ‘Share the Road’?

‘Share the road’ is a magnificently unhelpful command.

HOW exactly do you ‘share the road’? (And why is it always the most cycle-unfriendly governments that issue this command? – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA.)

Is it ordering motorists to allow room for bicycles? If so, by slowing down around bicycle users, or simply by leaving them a bit more room when passing at speed?

Is it ordering cyclists to get out of the way of motor vehicles? If so, by pulling over into the ‘car door zone’, or by riding faster?

The England and Wales Canal and River Trust have a helpful new slogan (image below). Sure, it’s aimed at cyclists on canal towpaths, but isn’t the perfect message for places where people on bikes still have to share space with motor vehicles?

Share the space. Drop your pace.
(LoopZilla @ Flickr)


One thought on “Shelving ‘Share the Road’?

  1. I don’t want to share the road with two-tonne lethal weapons. I live downtown, and want downtown to be car-free. I don’t want to share the road. Outside of downtown, I want proper Dutch-style cycle infrastructure so that those lethal weapons are kept well away from my fragile body.

    I want protected intersections like these ones:

    I don’t want to share the road. And neither do the overwhelming majority of other people. All cycle campaigning based upon sharing the road has failed miserably and never got more than 2% mode share anywhere in the entire world.

    I do not want to share the road.

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