The best bike shop in New Zealand?

Nosing through the in-flight magazine on the way here, I came across an advert for this fabulous new second-hand bike shop in the capital, Wellington. I haven’t had a chance to visit yet, but I’m certainly planning to, especially as I’m now studying in Welly. Most bike shops here appear to offer 99% chunky mountain bikes, so this place is a true breath of fresh air for ‘windy Wellington’!

We’ve sourced second-hand, upright bicycles directly from Japan in order to recycle them back onto New Zealand’s roads, just as kiwis have been doing with used cars for the past few decades. …

Our bicycles are not sports-machines, rather, they are a chic way of getting about your daily life, suit, skirt, heels and all. (also on Facebook, with a lot of happy customers)


2 thoughts on “

  1. Welcome to Wellington!

    They certainly are the best bike shop! I got my beautiful blue bicycle there about a month ago – it is wonderful!! I rave about them to everyone I possibly can!

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