Quote of the Day: the friendliest city in the world for a day

This is iBikeLondon on the 2010 Tweed Run:

“On Saturday London felt like the most friendly city in the world; tourists gawked and took photos as we passed, people cheered and applauded, children watched wide-eyed as the spectacle rolled on; even London’s famous drivers were [largely] hospitable.”

Friendliest city in the world. For a day.

How can we make this more long-term?

2010 Tweed Run, London. Photo: ibikelondon


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: the friendliest city in the world for a day

  1. Why, thank you so much!

    I think this ties in with people’s perception of cyclists in general. On Saturday they saw finely dressed people out doing good, looking good and having fun. On Monday mornings they see people dressed like fleuro-lycra aliens bombing about and knocking over pedestrians… we know that the reality lies somewhere inbetween the two, and the path to true mass cycling (which will by default mean cyclists get more respect, meaning it is a happier city every day) will inevitable involve lots more women, children and the elderly cycling (ie the majority of whom don’t cycle at the moment) Only way that’s going to happen is if the road environment is engineered to make the perception of cycling as being a safe activity, whether that is through traffic calming, infrastructure building or both. Either way, Saturday allowed us to dream a little, but in reality we have a long way to go. It’ll be worth it though, I promise.


  2. I really admire what you’re doing in Seoul, we are trying to make the same in Guadalajara, México.
    Loving yout blog and it’s content.

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