Quote of the Day: fuel prices…

As petrol prices in the UK are increasingly looking like breaking the 2008 record, this from a commenter:

Don’t know what all you motorists are complaining about. My bike is fueled by Orkney Dark Island. And that’s £3.00 a PINT.


6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: fuel prices…

  1. Sounds about right, my local “fuel” is a Sledge Hammer Stout “An imperial oatcreme stout made with flaked oats and barley, finished with lactose for extra body and creaminess. Slightly sweet and full-bodied,” or the local version of Black and Tan. A “Hammered Blonde” German pilsner floated on the Stout! Readily available at the local brew pub.


    • One of the best microbreweries here in central Seoul is Castle Praha and I just have to include a photo of the Orloj Clock Tower exterior. Beer may be pricier than oil, but it will always taste better.

  2. Three quid a pint? That’s CHEAP by London standards ;o)

    Seriously, something like 80% of journeys in the UK by car are under 2 miles – people should do themselves a favour and just buy a bike! What do we need to do to convince them?

  3. Hum…safer you say? IIRC in the US most fatal car accidents occur within a very close radius of home, something like under 12 miles! In both the UK and the US most accidents (75%) occur within 5 miles of home.


  4. I wish I could say that I had come up with the cost of beer vs fuel quote…. too funny, though my current favourite beer is from a US microbrewery, Left Hand Milk Stout.

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