For a better ride

Riding this morning it dawned on me what would make the biggest difference to my ride.


(Including respect for bicycle infrastructure.)

More precisely, drivers of hazardous vehicles should have a great deal more respect for other the safety (and mobility) of other people.

I think this video (via Le Blog des Cyclistes) echos the point superbly and deserves a wider audience:

(If anyone needs me to post a translation of the French here, just ask. I think it’s mostly self-explanatory.)


2 thoughts on “For a better ride

  1. Wow, this video clearly demonstrates the risk to cyclists. Bravo.

    I see humans viewing this a century from now and saying ‘building the urban system for automobiles, what were we thinking?’

  2. Wow, what a powerful video, and superbly well put together. My experience of Paris is not that drivers are any more inatentive than anywhere else, but that there are so many more of them than in other big cities. The congestion problem in Paris is DIRE; if it had a congestion charging system like London’s (and better buses) it would be a superb cycling city. I often think I’d like to take elements of both and put them together: London’s congestion charge and bus lane cameras / enforcement, with Paris’s cycling infrastucture and general better attitude towards cyclists would be a match made in heaven.

    Thanks for sharing the vid, great find.

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