Hiatus explanation

A double-tipped reason for my prolongued absence from the Interwebs:

-On 4th January, Seoul had its heaviest snowfall in at least 70 years. (How to make a city very pretty, very fast.) The city government did its utmost to clear the carpaths [roads]. However, footpaths and bikepaths remained treacherous for more than a fortnight. Not many bikes about round here, including underground-bound me.

5th January - Seoul

5th January - Seoul

-More pertinantly, I threw a few numbers into a calculator. It’s so cool how much time and money I save by only irregularly using public transport. (Not to mention not wasting time and money on a gym.)  Let’s just say these went a long way towards the 1-year distance learning course I’m now busy studying via the London School of Economics.


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