You’re addicted

Car addiction’s so last century.

Are you a bike junkie yet? How could you tell? Montreal-based Opus Urbanista gives a neat rundown of situations that make you realise you’re hooked. [In French.]


-The best part of your day is neither the time at work nor the time at home, but your journey between the two.

-Rather than take the shortest route home, you take interesting detours, “like a child who doesn’t want to go home”.

-You haven’t used your car for so long that you’ve lost the keys.

-If the weather is nice outside and you’re stuck at work, you get frustrated.

-You choose where you shop and eat out based on whether they have a safe place to lock the bike outside.

-Two days without riding to work feels like cold turkey.


8 thoughts on “You’re addicted

  1. Ha! I was trying to figure out some other place to ride my bike after work because it was so nice out and I just got a new bike that I wanted people to see me riding. I was peeved when it got dark (too early for my tastes) because it cut my ride short.

  2. If the weather is nice outside and you’re stuck at work, you get frustrated.

    Oh goodness me, yes! God forbid anyone who comes into my office when it’s nice outside and I’m stuck behind my desk – I’m not so inclined to be nice.

    I would add “You get ridiculously over dramatic when your bike is out of action” as I did over the weekend and found it would take a week to get repaired. “A week?? You cannot be serious!”


    • @BB
      Absolutely. I’m not keen on the dark mornings either – it takes more effort to get people to notice how good you look! lol

      A week? I think you’re entitled to your drama. I got a puncture last week and couldn’t sleep until it was fixed for the morning commute, even though I have an Underground station just 10 minutes’ walk from my flat for such occasions. 🙂

  3. The lows come with the highs I guess…. after a week of no wheels I got a phone call from the bike shop today saying all the parts have been delivered (a new wheel amongst them) and that I can take my bike in tomorrow morning to get it fixed.

    I was soooo elated it was ridiculous. Think I must have it real bad, this addiction you talk about….

    I’ve been on the Underground all week and it’s been truly hideous – can’t wait to get back on the road again. I like your post comparing cycling with addiction, I think it pretty much sums it all up.

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