Enforced car-free day

22nd September is Seoul’s 4th car-free day

Cars will be banned along two major streets, a 2.8-kilometer stretch of Jongno [Bell Street] in the heart of the city, and on a 2.4 kilometer stretch of Teheran Street in the business district south of the river.

Quite a success it’s been too:

Last year, 22 percent of Seoulites left their cars at home on car-free day and air pollution decreased by 20 percent for the day.
via Korea Times  

The question of course remains: why can’t we have safer, less polluted, more pleasant streets every day?

What’s your town doing?


2 thoughts on “Enforced car-free day

  1. Sorry I only just got around to reading that. What a great book! Hopefully in 50 years’ time, most towns and cities will be able to boast similar such books.

    In the meantime however, here in Korea, despite a few carrots tossed to the hobby cyclists and a few token gestures to reduce the ridiculous amount of traffic in the city centre, Korea’s not doing as much as I’d hoped for regular bicycling.

    I’m not the only who’s wondered “why Koreans continue to buy so many large cars despite living in one of the most mountainous, densely-populated, best-served with public transport, and smallest countries in the world.”

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