Transition period

Over at Copenhagen Cycle Chic, Mikael made mention a short while back that there may be some kind of transition period before we see a large number of people getting around by bike. Some people will wear ridiculous-looking ‘cycling gear’ before Bicycle 2.0 takes off. (Remind yourself you’re not going to take part in the Tour de France and put on whatever’s fashionable in your closet.)
Here’s my idea of a transition period:
My idea of a transition from car culture

The missing link between car and bicycle


2 thoughts on “Transition period

  1. I dunno about a “transition” those things are heavy, slow, and cumbersome, and probably a step in the wrong direction. However that being said 😉 they are very popular at a variety of park and resort settings and have their place in the world.


    • Point taken. But just a little bit less heavy and cumbersome than most other 4-wheel vehicles that litter the streets. Maybe someone could design a lightweight one with better gearing. It could perhaps fold flat for storage. That might take off… or not.

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