More penny farthings…

Another penny farthing day. I love these sweet little bikes in the same way I love small animals. And since my last post about them, I’m noticing even more around. Enjoy.
big and little

The 'Gentus' model from Arbant...

Yi Sun Shin
…and her rider.
'beauty every day'

'Beauty every day' 😉


3 thoughts on “More penny farthings…

    • As far as I can tell, their popularity may have something to do with South Korean clothing brand Bean Pole, which uses a penny farthing logo [Google: Bean Pole International + wiki]. On Korean blog sites these bikes are often refferred to as “Bean Pole style” bikes.

  1. That makes sense- although it will be interesting to see if they are in vogue in Japan too- fashions in the two countries are remarkably similar even though the nations don’t always get along.

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