Bicycles mean Business

Quote from an editorial in New York’s The Villager last December (via Carectomy):
[M]y former restaurant — Florent, on Gansevoort St. — did very well when people could park. It did better when people couldn’t park. And when traffic came to a standstill because of the nightlife, it was packed.

New York is not so different from London, Paris and other cities. If you make it attractive to people — i.e. pedestrians — they will find their way and come en masse. Businesses will flourish.

Two's company.

Two's company.

Best way to escape the traffic.

Best way through the traffic.

Sociable transport - feet & bicycle.

Sociable transport - feet & bicycle.

Breezing to work in the sunshine

Breezing to work in the sunshine...

Past less healthy options

... past less actively enjoyable options.


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