Seoul Cycle Chic – Funky Fixies

I’ve spotted a dozen or so fixed-wheel riders so far, but you have to be fast (or friendly) to catch these guys…

Smilie on fixie

Smiley on fixie

Re-entering the city

Re-entering the city

 Notice the mountains. Although Korea is a seriously mountain-packed country, most of Seoul is built down in the valleys – fairly flat.


2 thoughts on “Seoul Cycle Chic – Funky Fixies

    • Seoul’s a big place and there is usually a bike shop hidden away in each area. Google or Naver are a good place to start a search. Get a Korean friend to help and you’ll save yourself a lot of time. 😉 Personally, I’m not really into fixies – I like the design and colours of the bikes, but they’re not practical enough for my everyday needs, so I’ve always seen them as a bit of an expensive plaything. But as far as expensive playthings go, there’s a nice-looking little (tiny!) shop of them a short walk from Hongdae Station, exit 4, if I remember right.

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