Seoul Cycle Chic – Small is Beautiful

Green folder

Green folder


Cool bike, cool shoes

Cool bike, cool shoes

Avoiding the people traffic

Avoiding the people traffic

Mini pink folder

Mini pink folder


Me joining in the small-bike love


3 thoughts on “Seoul Cycle Chic – Small is Beautiful

  1. Adam,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Unfortunately the weather is the opposite this weekend. We were out last night and it was 5C. Today it is no better and it is raining. As for ‘training’ for our tour it’s more like mild preparation as it seems quite difficult to find time to do more miles and faster speeds.

    I’m impressed with your insights into Seoul. Great reading and so many folders. I quite fancy having a folder at some stage.


  2. Christa. A compliment indeed from someone taking such gorgeous and colourful snaps herself. Thank you.

    Quality time with my girlfriend is taking precendence over posts at the moment; more soon.

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