Going by bike in Seoul, 2

Road cycling

In my last post I admitted I think people who cycle on the roads in Korea are insane. Scooting along with hard-accelerating traffic scraping past… Makes me scared for them.

Road cyclist

Road cyclist

That said, a surprising number do brave it. Especially in the city centre where the traffic isn’t as fast and there appears to be enough scooters, push carts and clutter along most roadsides downtown to make motorists look out for other road users. The safety in numbers thing may have kicked in because drivers do seem aware of other road users around here.

Still, a lot of people drive with mobile phones held to their ears, which scares the bejesus out of me, knowing how dangerous that is.

Only place I’ve dared to try cycling on the road here is along the pleasant yet traffic-jammed road beside the new Cheonggye Stream, conveniently round the corner from my workplace, but it’s practically a one-lane street and bikes tend to move faster than the cars there.

Cheonggye Stream

Cheonggye Stream


2 thoughts on “Going by bike in Seoul, 2

  1. That’s the problem with the riverside cycleways here: they’re lovely for a leisure ride, but they don’t go anywhere useful. Cheaper and easier would be to transform one lane (of the usual 6 or eight) on major streets as a segregated cycle lane (with a raised barrier so you don’t get taxis parked in there). Do you know if there’s any plan for this to happen yet?

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