Back on two wheels

I’m back from a short hiatus.

Finally getting settled into the new flat and new job here in funkalicious Seoul. Only a few days ago did I finally find time to take my little folding bike out for a spin round the neighbourhood. And only today has time come up to tell you about it.

I had been noticing that, although this definitely isn’t bicycle-loving Japan, you can’t spend more than a couple of minutes in any area without seeing someone on a bike.

I have seen a few guys biking in suits, which is encouraging, and the vast majority seem to cycle in normal clothes. Helmets are rare. I’ve even spied two guys and one stylish lady (who glided away before I could reach my camera) doing the ‘riding with umbrella‘ trick.

The 4 most common bike types you see standing along the streets are

1) cheap mountain bikes,

2) cheap folders, small-wheeled and big-,

3) ‘sensible’ sit-up-and-beg bikes with racks and baskets,

4) work bikes, pimped by the neighbourhood steel welder to carry large loads.

workbike seoul

I have spied a handful of Bromptons…


Stridas, and Birdys [sic] too. Yes, folding bikes are a very popular choice.

The vast majority of riders are men (high school age to grandpa), though female cyclists aren’t rare.

With all the positive press cycling’s getting over here at the moment with big cycle-friendly plans in the pipeline, the numbers are set to swell.


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