Bike news, Korea

To give you a flavour of the image of bicycles in Korea at present:

Bicycles these days are starting to enjoy celebrity status in Korea.

Almost every week fresh news about bicycles – new routes, races – pop up.

In a recent speech, President Lee Myung-bak urged the nation to step up its use of bicycles to reduce pollution.

Even Korea’s most well-known designer, Andre Kim, is now designing bikes:

Kim said that bikes usually come in brown, black or beige in Korea, so he wanted to “inject a little color back into the bike community.”

And in weirder news:

Bike path at DMZ* to open in September
*the demilitarized zone, separating North and South Korea

Cyclists will be free to ride along the heavily fortified inter-Korean border when a restricted zone, off-limits to civilians since the end of fighting in the Korean War in 1953, is opened in September. …

The plan is to allow up to 300 civilians to cycle for three hours on the second and fourth Sunday of each month.

from major Korean daily, the Joonang Ilbo, here and here


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