More cyclists = more political will

High quality bike infrastructure makes cycling a joy, perfectly safe and the most attractive transport option in urban areas. It’s going to be relatively cheap and easy (compared to road-building or car company bail-outs) to put in place and maintain a world-class bicycle infrastructure in towns and cities across this country.

But to do that, we need political leaders (and their transport planning departments) to take decisions that will upset the (stubbornly motorised) electorate. And that’s not going to happen.

However, with petrol prices killing off the car love, bikes are becoming a lot more attractive. More folks are cycling (and so many fashion leaders amongst them!), and for those who aren’t cycling yet, the benefits of cycling are becoming crystal clear.

More people cycling around town –> a more sizeable cyclist vote –> more likely that politicians will take action.

Attitudes are changing rapidly, folks. And – lagging a couple of years behind public opinion as always – political will is starting to catch up.

Now get out there and be seen on your bike as often as you can.


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