Fan Death and other myths

In South Korea there is a widely held belief that fans can kill you. You know, the electric kind that circulates air on a hot summer’s day. Can suck the air out of a room and kill you. Dead. Scares ’em silly. And if you don’t believe me…

This is an advanced country with a highly educated population. And yet this belief persists. To be fair, humans do believe in some bizarre stuff.

There are some widespread beliefs about helmets too (generally in English-speaking countries) that hold less water than a helmet with big air vents. The oddest and most dangerous being that a helmet will keep you safe no matter what. Maybe even save your life. Even protect you against fast-moving traffic. (Hence allowing motorists to continue driving as badly as they like.)

Will a day come when “helmet safety” is safely acknowledged in the public realm as an urban legend too?


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