Discount for arriving by bike

Sure, there are other places that do this, but if you arrive at the brilliant Eden Project in Cornwall by bicycle, you get £4 off adult prices, kids go free, and you even get fast-track queuing.

Eden Project

Eden Project

To make life even easier, there is a Sustrans route to get you there too.


3 thoughts on “Discount for arriving by bike

  1. the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth Wales also offered cyclists walkers and bus users a pound off or if you catch the train (arrivia wales) you get half off the admission price, and a Sustrans Route 8 also goes right to their door. about time places started encouraging alternative transportation, and good to see it starting to catch on

  2. @ westfield

    hahahahhhahahah yeah see that involves planning ahead and most folks who know about these things dont think like that its either car or cycle not park around the corner 😛 or park in town and catch the bus in. the location of CAT for one does not lend itself to offsite parking around the corner, you would have to park in town or at the train station and even then space is very limited. believe me i thought of that too and i am sure there is a small % that do something like that but hey 100 yards is 100 yards and thats 100 yards less fuel burned and 100 yards somebody is on a bike its a start 😛

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