Overcoming ignorance

Here in England you get some bizarre questions and comments thrown at you if you cycle. Most seem to stem from well-meant (albeit remarkably naïve) concern for my safety and health. The most common ones:

“Aren’t you cold without a thick coat in this weather??” [No, I generate my own heat. That keeps me warmer than most winter coats.]

“Isn’t the road dangerous??” [I cycle safely, and I hold a line that prevents people in cars passing dangerously.]

“Don’t you wear a helmet??” [No, I cycle safely, thank you.]

“Won’t you get wet??” [Not very. I carry an umbrella and use the off-road cycle paths when it rains. Like Mary Poppins but on a bike.]

“Don’t you get all sweaty??” [No, I normally roll along at a leisurely speed so I arrive with a clear head and full of energy.]

The way I see it, the surest way to overcome ignorance is simply to talk to people and patiently explain to them how things really are.


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