Alan Sugar on the benefits of cycling

I normally stay well away from the Daily Mail and its seriously skewed worldview, but I couldn’t help noticing this.

Reading between the weasel-worded framing of cycling in the article itself, it seems cyclists (at least of the leisure kind) have a friend in high places. The head honcho of The Apprentice (UK version), Alan Sugar, is an avid cyclist. Twice a week he cycles 50 miles through the Essex countryside on a smart Italian racing bike which even the Mail admits is ‘stylish’. In two years cycling he has lost 3 stone [19 kilos or 42 pounds].

Sir Alan Sugar and journalist

Sadly his lycra get-up (like ‘an outsized babygrow’) does everything to confirm the typical mocking Daily Mail view of cyclists as another species, but at least it touches on the health benefits (“He feels far better, has more energy and obviously loves every minute of it.”) and the benefits of the Cycle to Work scheme. There are even some comments at the end complimenting him on his shapely legs and looking good at 62!


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