The downside of travelling by Brompton…


…is everyone stops me to ask about it. 😉


8 thoughts on “The downside of travelling by Brompton…

  1. It’s when they ask for a demonstration fold/unfold, too, as has happened to me on countless occasions. A five minute shopping trip turns into thirty minutes of street theatre – because I can’t resist all the attention. Perhaps I should pass the hat round…

    • There’s a technique in film called ‘breaking the fourth wall’ where a character suddenly speaks directly to the audience. It grabs your attention, breaks you out of your passive viewing and gives you a new perspective on what you’re seeing. The way I see it, every time we engage with a non-cyclist as ‘a regular salt-of-the-earth person with a bike’, we break a kind of fourth wall between passive ignorance and active curiosity.

      One more reason – as if you needed it! – to look good, cycle courteously and greet people you pass.

  2. Sexify…interesting way of looking at it. I ride “normal” bikes in normal clothes. Sometimes it makes people think other times they cannot see beyond their way of doing things. I suspect in the future some of us will be trendsetters and just don’t know it. BTW which Brommie is that? I can tell it is a P model by the bars.


    • Completely with you on cycling in normal clothes. I also get around most of the time on a ‘normal’ old town bike I call Binky. (If pet’s have names…) It cost me the princely sum of £80 back in 1997 and being ‘normal’ makes it undesireable to theives. In my experience, unless you’re riding something very unusual or attractive, most people don’t notice the bike, only what the person on it looks like. I have plans to upgrade in the next couple of years to a Dutch-style bike with practical basics like a chain guard and dynamo lighting.

      To satisfy your curiosity, the Brompton’s a P3R.

  3. Thanks Sexify…been looking at the Bromptons, Tikits and Dahons. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately the only two that will fill my requirements are the Tiket or the Brommie. Just can’t decide if I want 3, 6 or more speeds.

    I have a couple of old faithful bikes and several others that I ride on a regular basis. By far and away my favorites are the upright city bikes. I don’t dare leave any of mine unlocked for very long or even unattended, around here if they can steal it they will, just for meanness.


    • I would definitely recommend the Brompton. Real fun to ride. A comfy, nippy ride, but also commentably stylish and practical. If you do go for the Brommie, I’d suggest the ‘eazy wheels’ for wheeling it round by its seat when you take it indoors, and I definitely wouldn’t trade in my dynamo lights. It feels heavy at first, but your arms get stronger, and the eazy wheels save you carrying it unnecessarily. Not had the chance to try a Tikit, but I’ve not heard of anyone disappointed by them.

  4. Fascinating to find a Brompton based web thingy in Korea, good to know mine isn’t the only one here, although you’d never know it because everyone who sees it (‘mericans that is) comment that they’ve never seen one like it before. Sure does come in handy for taking buses etc.. and it isn’t huge when folded like my old Bike Friday Rocket (which really DOES perform like any other high end road bike).

    • When I arrived in Seoul a few months ago, a saw a dozen or so Bromptons in the first fortnight. Now Stridas and the more stylish of the Korean folders seem to be gaining popularity. Me, I just love how many little bikes there are here and it’s great to be part of that. 😉

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