Highway Code vs. my reality


Our cycle paths in town are largely passable, but with so many stretches that are deteriorated or glass-strewn, I prefer the road. Casting my mind back, I admit it took quite a few rides to get used to riding in traffic again after so long out of the saddle. But the drivers round here…


Highway Code


very typical example

example 1

very typical example

example 2

… are nearly all very mindful souls!

Reading other bloggers from the UK, USA and down under talking about their bad experiences, I feel genuinely grateful for being able to cycle regularly among (comparatively) very bicycle-friendly drivers.




* I know it looks like I’m riding in the gutter. I just had my camera strapped to the left handlebar.


3 thoughts on “Highway Code vs. my reality

  1. If you’re familiar with the terms “primary” and “secondary” riding positions you’re probably already aware of the effectiveness of cycling in such a manner. It works.
    Most of the time.

    • Absolutely. I ride what I consider the safest line at all times. It’s the number one easiest way I’ve found to prevent drivers passing dangerously. 😉

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