Quote of the Day: 20 mph limits increase walking and cycling


House of Lords discussion spells out some of the reasons 20 mph should be the default speed limit in built-up areas:

(Column 1109)  20 mph zones in Hull have resulted in 90% falls in killed and seriously injured from collisions. 20 mph limits are strongly supported by residents and evidence from Germany indicates that they result in an increase in walking and cycling.

See also: 20 mph as a sign of political will


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: 20 mph limits increase walking and cycling

    • Cynical; I like it. Personally I have more faith that the tide is turning.

      Politicians don’t like to make brave decisions. Our electoral system discourages it. Decisions need to be popular. However, a larger percentage of people are willing to have their car addiction reigned in than most politicians will admit. Last summer’s high petrol prices (and the likelihood of their return) opened a lot of motorists’ eyes to the downsides of modern driving and the need to curtail it.

      You’ve also got a growing number of people questioning our leisuretime activities: why do our kids no longer play outdoors? And the local success of 20mph zones in Hull and Portsmouth certainly helps.

      It’s frustratingly slow, but we are heading in a positive direction. Another bout of high petrol prices might just tip it…

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