The Stages of Bicycle Acceptance

A work friend of mine has recently started cycling to work. How much I’ve influenced her decision I don’t know, but this is for her.

In a bicycally inexperienced country, friends and coworkers can take some time to get used to you as ‘a person who gets around by bike’. In my experience this change takes a few months. Here are the stages:

“Oh, my God! You must be insane! Hahaha! You’d never catch me riding one. What a quaint idea.”
Thinks, Why would you want to??

“Oh, my God… etc, etc.”
Thinks, I wish I could do that. I could do with some more exercise. And it would cut my car costs. But I don’t want people to laugh at me.

“I’m too old and unfit. And bike saddles are really uncomfortable for me. But I would otherwise.”
Thinks, Please don’t make me think of more excuses.

“I really wish I had your energy.”
Thinks, I wish I had your confidence.

“I’m thinking of taking up cycling. Can I ask you for a few tips?”


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