The Business Case

Reasons to get as many employees as possible cycling to work:

With your sparkling health-improving policies and environmental credentials, everyone will want to be seen around you – helping you attract and retain the best talent and business.

You get yourself and your employees fitter, healthier, happier, more alert, more punctual and less prone to sick days. In short, you will be helping make your team superhuman.

For everyone who takes up biking to work, it saves them money and gets them fitter, making their entire existence more snug and rosy. Health, wealth and happiness – all anyone could wish for, right?

One car parking space can hold 10-12 bikes, freeing up space and maintenance costs for grander and more impressive projects.

It needn’t cost much to put in some good quality cycle racks and provide some shower facilities. And you can take advantage of tax breaks along the way. Bucketfuls of return on your investment, basically.

Based on information from the London Cycling Campaign.


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