Mythbusters: The True Cost of a Car

Listen to people who drive everywhere and you soon notice that they consider their day-to-day car costs in terms of petrol prices. As such, a tankful of petrol appears far better value than going by train, bus, bike or even on foot. (They also think of their journeys as generally quick and convenient. See Mythbusters: Speed of a Short Car Trip.)

The Automobile Association shares the real cost to the driver of each mile.

That adds up to a monthly cost of £238 to run a low-price car a measly 416 miles. At the other end, to drive a high-cost car that same distance sets you back £816 per month. (£9,796 per year.)

To put that figure in perspective, an InterRail ticket valid on almost every main train route across 30 European countries would cost £7,188 for the year, 1st class. That leaves you pocket change from your £9,796 motoring costs for a high-end folding bike to take with you across Europe. Think of the freedom THAT would give you. (Only £5,340 in second class, if you’re considering it.)


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